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Our technology-driven culture demands adaptability. For the healthcare industry, the constant pouring of information demands that hospitals adapt at a quicker rate by weaving high volumes of data into streamlined solutions.

At Brandix i3, we understand these challenges, and as a trusted implementation Alliance Partner of Infor, we deliver a simplified, reliable system that is readily available in more than 200 countries.

Get One Stream Of Vital Data

Data integration cannot be understated.

A single hospital processes more than 5 million clinical data transactions in a given day.[1] Because of this, data integration is vital to healthcare organizations. Informational assets, which range from clinical data to financial resources, must be streamlined, while also meeting budgetary demands and adhering to government regulations.

For healthcare operators and analysis, seamlessly managing all of these needs into a single platform that offers complete system synchronization, as well as customization options, is crucial. In fact, practitioners admit the current crop of systems impose massive impediments in delivering effective and efficient patient care due to clumsy user interfaces and an oversight in capturing key clinical information.

Refine Your Decision-Making Tools

An overwhelming number of institutions continue to search for the ideal data platform. A recent study by the Healthcare Financial Management Association finds that 88% of Accountable Care Organizations are currently experiencing difficulty in integrating data from existing systems.[1] As a result, many establishments are left with multiple data systems. Healthcare organizations should be tasked with finding a single system that makes real-time data changes that improve performance, stability, and reliability for years to come, all at a lower cost.

Report Better, Clearly, And More Often

With a singular system in place, transforming raw data into current, insightful reports or dashboards will allow an organization to function efficiently on all levels.

Decision making systems enable an organization to unify complex systems, provide answers, manage clinical summary exchanges, support non-electronic medical record (EMR) providers, facilitate referrals and consults, and share a consolidated view of a patient’s record.

And it doesn’t matter the size of the institution. Infor’s systems can manage all kinds of records, document types, messaging formats, and standards-based cloud infrastructure.

Refine And Adapt To Stay Ahead

While the streamlining of data is paramount among Infor’s systems, these tools also allow decision makers to apply their data into predictive capabilities.

Without the automatic presentation of new data, these organizations run the risk of committing repeat errors, which could lead to noncompliance issues. Under a centralized system, clinicians can be granted the ability to more correctly predict “what if” scenarios, ultimately reducing noncompliance fines and avoiding patient care error.


Change the speed of your business with Brandix i3 and Infor BI.

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