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Patient Safety Software

Brandix i3 creates highly configurable, easy-to-customize patient safety software products to mitigate risk and to provide caregivers with an accurate picture of how their healthcare organization addresses patient safety at every step of the care process. Our patient safety software helps your organization deliver safer, more efficient care. In short, it makes your organization better.

From meeting regulations, to improving outcomes and patient satisfaction, you have a lot on your plate. Our patient safety software collects, monitors, and records data, providing a real-time dashboard that shows you what you want to know, when you want to know it – and not just on an inpatient unit, but anywhere in your facility.

Patient Safety Technology To Streamline Your Work

Because our patient safety software solutions are cloud-based, you’ll have an easier time analyzing, presenting, and exploring data. You won’t even need to adapt to a completely new system, because we can help incorporate your existing processes into our patient safety software.

Our patient safety software combines leading-edge methodology with customized solutions to address the following risk management issues:

  • Incident reporting
  • Patient monitoring
  • Safety alerts
  • Accreditation concerns
  • Patient experience, including complaints

We also make it easy for our patient safety software clients by including metric-driven dashboards that analyze trends and let users pull reports. Using our patient safety software, our clients can:

  • Access growing volumes of patient data
  • Enter important events quickly
  • Use more accurate data
  • Monitor new initiatives
  • Work on peer reviews, claims, and patient relations
  • Observe meaningful improvements to major facilities
  • Improve overall quality
  • Identify patient safety issues

Facts About Patient Safety Software Don’t Lie

Studies show that improvements in patient safety software will positively affect clinical outcomes. In fact, in a recent study at a regional children’s hospital, caregivers worked with researchers to design and implement a patient safety software system that reported the status of patients in real-time. At the conclusion of the study, the team reported that by using the information from the patient safety software dashboard, the hospital experienced a 70 percent decrease in catheter-related blood stream infections and improved adherence to infection guidelines. Use of the patient safety software also improved communication between medical staff.

Why Wait To Implement Patient Safety Technology?

At Brandix i3, we’re patient safety experts. Our team doesn’t just deliver – we deliver customized technology applications for nearly every aspect of the healthcare industry, projects that have been adopted by integrated health networks, large hospital systems, non-profits, and privately-owned practices. With the depth of experience we have in creating patient safety software, our clients gain industry advantages while still doing what they do best…taking care of people.


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Brandix i3’s patient safety software assists healthcare organizations to deliver better, safer, and more efficient care. Read about some of our patient safety software solutions:

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