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Incident Reporting

Provide quality healthcare with Incident Reporting System

The Brandix i3 Incident Reporting System (IRS) allows hospitals to learn from medical errors, adverse events and then leverage acquired information to improve the quality of patient care delivery without disrupting the critical workflows in a healthcare environment.

Ensuring a Safe Healthcare Environment

The Incident Reporting System eliminates tedious manual reporting and allows clinicians to focus more on patient care. With its ability to capture incidents transparently, IRS can also help healthcare organizations to transform from a complaint-based culture to a safety-oriented culture. Built with insights from healthcare professionals, IRS gives an overview of patient safety incidents in a hospital.

Continuous Improvement

The IRS can perform an Incident Root Cause Analysis for patient safety incidents, allowing healthcare professionals to identify errors and take proactive measures. It also aggregates real-time data allowing decision makers to easily analyze and respond to incidents through a systematic process.

Accreditation made easy

Continuous reporting of patient safety instances is a requirement for many healthcare accreditation programs. Healthcare establishments are also required to adhere to National Patient Safety Goals, a series of best practices that accredited organizations are required to follow in order to prevent medical errors. With a structured, systematic approach for handling incidents, Brandix i3 IRS facilitates consistent, reliable reporting that helps accreditation programs to evaluate healthcare providers with ease.

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Brandix i3 IRS is a user-friendly, efficient solution for reporting and managing clinical incidence that take place in a hospital. Highly recommended.Dr. Panna Gooneratne, Group Director – Clinical Excellence, Hemas Hospital