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Mayo Clinic YES Board

Multi-patient Dashboard with Real-time Situational Awareness

There are hundreds of disconnected databases impacting patient care delivery in a typical HIS environment, ranging from; information overload, delayed patient care, patient dissatisfaction or longer patient stays. Mayo Clinic YES Board can help you significantly reduce these issues!

Whether you are in Urgent Care or Pediatrics, YES Board will assist to:

  • Locate where your patient is, whether he/she is in imaging, the lab, room or waiting area
  • Identify who should be with the patient
  • Choose which patient should be attended to next
  • Find out if the lab or imaging results are back

Mayo Clinic YES Board offers you:

  • HIPAA compliant multi-patient view with patient flow, health statuses and warnings
  • Holistic view of what is going on in each department
  • “Replay” option enhancing the ability to process reviews and support Six Sigma initiatives
  • Facilitates more patient care time and less time spent on information reviews
  • Easy accessibility from any workstation or tablet


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