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What Can Infor Business Intelligence Do For You?

August 8, 2016Our technology-driven culture demands adaptability. For the healthcare industry, the constant pouring of information demands that hospitals adapt at a quicker rate by weaving high volumes of data into streamlined solutions.
Compliance in Healthcare

Too Many Rules To Track?

June 1, 2016How To Better Manage Your Compliance Efforts Compliance reporting requirements have ramped up in recent years, making it even more important to create a centralized monitoring system that aggregates and analyzes system-wide metrics. However, many hospitals and health systems experience issues that may slow, muddle, or even halt efforts to maintain compliance.
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The Pace of Healthcare Change Keeps Accelerating

May 17, 2016The pace of healthcare change keeps accelerating – but where is it heading? We may not have a cure for cancer (yet), flying cars (yet), or meals the size of a pill (debatable if you go to some fancier, high-class, restaurants), but we are certainly getting closer to achieving once elusive Sci-Fi fantasies thanks to significant technological advances.
Turbo-Charging the Mortality Review System in a healthcare organization-...

Turbocharging the Mortality Review System in a healthcare organization

May 12, 2016Preventable medical errors have already prompted hospitals and acute care facilities to invest millions of dollars in technology to improve quality of care, but that’s not enough to “avoid the avoidable.”
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Test Automation Results Reporting with Easy Test NG Listeners

May 3, 2016Reporting Automation Testing Results Test Automation engineers often use ReportNG to generate results reports for automations performed using the Selenium WebDriver framework. ReportNG can be quite complex in terms of configuring, and it also lacks a variety of features.
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The Changing Role of Healthcare CIOs: Becoming Healers

April 25, 2016Flashback fifteen years. If you were a hospital chief information officer, the chances are you and your team were affectionately known as “the IT guys.” Today, CIOs continue to face pressures for immediacy in solving problems at their hospitals. However, they have now become even more important; they have become strategic contributors to organizational leadership.
Patient Safety

Improve Patient Safety to Improve Patient Satisfaction

March 16, 2016You don’t have to be the director of quality improvement to figure out that patients and their families’ patient satisfaction scores are tied to medical outcomes. If a patient catches a hospital-borne infection during his stay, he very well may not be the best candidate for your next Press Ganey survey.
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Challenges in Testing Healthcare Applications

February 8, 2016According to the Forbes magazine, the annual healthcare expenditure in the USA has reached a staggering 3.8 trillion dollars in 2015. With governments spending trillions of dollars in healthcare, a considerable amount of spending is allocated to automate healthcare services.
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Insight on Unstructured Clinical Documents

January 12, 2016Today information technology is applied to the healthcare IT domain more than ever before to analyze and visualize various types of information.

Why Sepsis Reporting Requirements is Only a Part of the Solution

January 8, 2016Whether you are involved in patient safety software or in the delivery of care, most healthcare professionals have repeatedly heard the alarming statistics about sepsis.

Challenges faced when Testing Healthcare Applications

June 29, 2015By Uwinee Perera, QA Lead. The Forbes magazine cites the annual healthcare expenditure in the USA has reached a staggering 3.8 trillion dollars in 2015. 

From the NPSF Blog : How Risk Management and Patient Safety Intersect: Strategies to Help Make It Happen

April 2, 2015This article describes the journey of integrating patient safety and risk management and reports a 62% overall reduction in hospital professional liability premiums over 10 years